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"Approach to the United Nations", the First Lecture of “the Series of Lectures on Talent Training for International Organizations” Has Been Hold Successfully

Date: 2018-04-17       Visitcount: 413

An excellent lecture entitled “Approach to the United Nations”, as a part of the Series of Lectures on Talent Training for International Organizations by ZJU’s College of Education was held as scheduled on the afternoon of April 2nd, 2018. The lecture was delivered by Dr. Yong Ho, the head of the UN Chinese Program in China and was presided by Prof. KAN Yue, the deputy dean of the College of Education. The lecture attracted more than 80 teachers and students from different departments.

With a wealth of pictures and videos, Dr. Ho showed us the UN building as well as its related buildings and decoration in New York City. Combining with his working experience, Dr. Ho introduced the UN's general purpose, major organizations, and operating methods, etc. In addition, Dr. Ho detailed the distinctions among the United Nations, UN funds, programs, and exclusive agencies and explained the UN personnel system. At the end, Dr. Ho patiently answered the questions raised by the students, such as “what is the critical qualities of international talent training?” and “how to get access to the UN internship?” The vivid and comprehensive introduction to the UN delivered by Dr. Ho has greatly deepened the students’ understanding of the United Nations and inspired the students to get access to more international organizations.

“The Series of Lectures on Talent Training for International Organizations”, which is organized by the College of Education, focus on developing students’ international perspectives and cultivating students’ ability and quality in international organizations. This activity is the first lecture of this series of lectures and more lectures on this theme will be carried out in the following days.



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