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World Leisure Organization Representatives Visit ZJU’s College of Education for On-site Assessment of WLCE

Date: 2018-05-21       Visitcount: 482


Founded in 1952, World Leisure Organization (WLO) is a world-wide, non-governmental association of persons and organizations dedicated to discovering and fostering those conditions best permitting leisure experience as a force for human development and well-being. In recent years, Leisure development has been booming in China. WLO has built a good relationship with Hangzhou as well as Zhejiang University. Prof. Roger Coles, chair of the Board of Directors of WLO, and Prof. Cristina Ortega, chief operating officer of WLO, paid a visit to ZJU’s College of Education on Thursday, for an on-site assessment of establishing a World Leisure Center of Excellence (WLCE) within the College.

Prof. LI Min, director of International Relations of ZJU, and Prof. GU Jianmin, dean of the College of Education, greeted the assessment team at Xixi campus.  



“Since last October when the WLO board members visited Zhejiang University, we have deepened bilateral understanding and our relationship has entered into a new stage of development. This proposal for establishing a WLCE is of great significance for both sides, and ZJU’s Office of International Relations would like to provide necessary support for this.” LI said in her remarks. GU said the faculty of the College would give full assist for this and hoped the assessment team could get a comprehensive as well as personal understanding of the leisure teaching and research here.

Prof. ZHOU Lijun, deputy dean of the College of Education, presented a report for the assessment, introducing the objectives, benefits &advantages, curriculum themes, instructional resources, students support, faculty& staffing patterns of establishing a WLCE in ZJU. Drs. Coles and Ortega asked some further questions on international students support, evaluation of graduate students’ outcomes, online curriculum development, faculty exchange, and specific ideas for cooperation with WLO and other WLCE, and conducted in-depth discussions on some practical details with Prof. KAN Yue, deputy dean in charge of postgraduates programs of the College and faculty coordinators of leisure-related programs.



The assessment team observed a Martial Arts training class and deeply impressed by the students’ performance. “The Chinese traditional martial arts are so charming and the students are so professional!” Drs. Coles and Ortega gave high praise. Besides, the assessment team visited the sports human science laboratory and made inquiries about the teaching and research work. They visited the graduate student self-study room as well and conducted a cordial communication with the students to get to know the  students' daily learning environment and leisure space for extracurricular  activities.



WLCE programs are organized as an international post-graduate program which offers opportunities for colleges and universities to affiliate with WLO to establish and provide graduate educational programs and research centers focused on play, recreation, the arts, culture, sport, festivals and celebrations, health and fitness, travel and tourism with an international dimension. It gives students, educators, researchers and professionals the chance to participate and contribute to uniquely theme-focused educational endeavors. The Centers will emerge as the leading source for information, research and collaboration surrounding leisure best practices. ZJU’s College of Education submitted the proposal for establishing a WLCE in this January.


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