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Table Tennis Team from ZJU’s College of Education Visits Hungary

Date: 2018-07-04       Visitcount: 290

Invited by the Szechenyi Istvan University and Pápa local government, the table tennis team of four students from ZJU’s College of Education visited Hungary for cultural exchange on table tennis under the guidance of Prof. ZHUGE Weimin on June 13-20, 2018. The team was warmly welcomed by the local government, the table tennis association of Hungary and universities.

The table tennis team met with the Mayor of Pápa and the Hungarian scholars and students. Prof. ZHUGE gave a brief introduction of Zhejiang University and the development of sports science in China, and discussed the prospect of cooperation in sports research. Prof. Miklos from the School of Sports and Health of Szechenyi Istvan University introduced the sports research and international exchange programs with the University of Pecs in details, promoting mutual understanding and laid the foundation for further cooperation.



The table tennis team participated in the "MINI Olympic" held in Pápa, which invited more than 40 table tennis players from clubs, associations and universities around the world. After fierce competition, Zhejiang University table tennis team finally achieved good results of two gold medals and one silver medal, and developed a deep friendship with the other athletes.


On the sidelines of the competition, Prof. ZHUGE and the four students of the team  visited the local table tennis club, the primary school and the secondary school to perform and instruct table tennis training, providing opportunities for the local  players and students to experience the charm of table tennis as China’s “national ball”. As communicators of sports culture, the team won high praise from these international friends.



This exchange program was supported by Prof. ZHOU Lijun, deputy dean of ZJU’s  College of Education, and Dr. WEN Xu, associate director of the Department of Sports Science. The team spread the table tennis culture, showed the sports spirit of Zhejiang University, and fully experienced the campus culture of Europe.


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