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Research Center for AI in Education (RCAIED)

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The fourth industrial revolution, marked by the application of new technologies such as artificial intelligence, big data and robots, is transforming human society and almost all traditional industries. Therefore, new requirements are put forward for the goals, contents and paths of future talent cultivation in the education system. At the same time, popularization of intelligent technologies in the field of education makes the way of human learning also experiencing unprecedented revolutionary changes. In this context, ZJU’s College of Education, ZJU’s College of Computer Science and Technology and Netease Corporation jointly established the Research Center for AI in Education (RCAIED) in November 2018. The Center is affiliated to the College of Education of Zhejiang University. The members of the Center mainly come from Department of curriculum and learning Sciences, College of Education, College of Computer Science and Technology, Information Technology Center of ZJU and Educational Unit of Netease.

The goal of RCAIED is to carry out theoretical research and practical activities in the field of AI in Education through interdisciplinary studies, international exchanges and school-enterprise cooperation, and to train researchers and practitioners in the field of AI in Education. The Center will focus on two major areas, namely, AI application in education and the education of AI for all (especially focusing on teenagers' programming and robot education).

The Center plans to do the following things in the coming years: (1) carrying out research projects in area of AI in education in specific scenarios; (2) publishing series of academic papers and books; (3) organizing promotional activities of practical activities of AI in education in K-12 schools, museums, youth activity centers and other institutions; (4) developing International exchanges and scientific research cooperation in the field of AI in education; (5) holding academic seminars or conferences related to AI in education; (6) carrying out teacher training programs related to AI in education; and (7) cultivating high-level talents in the field of AI in education.

The director of the Center is Professor LI Yan.

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