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Center of Educational Research and Assessment

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The Center of Educational Research and Assessment,at College of Education in Zhejiang University, was established in March 2017,with 3 functional departments including research and development department, project communication and implementation department and data platform management department. There are 10 staff members, including 3 professors, 4 associate professors and 3 doctoral students.

The Center focuses on applied research with the purpose of serving education reform and development of the school. The current research directions of the Center include basic education, vocational education, education development planning, and education evaluation. Since its establishment, the Center has developed new school-based courses such as "STEM Course for Wood Art", "STEM Course for Automobiles", and corresponding school work manual and student study manual. In addition, the Center has also developed and produced a series of achievements, such as "basic education school evaluation index system", "regional education development evaluation system", and "vocational high school evaluation system".

The director of the Center is Prof. FANG Zhanhua.

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