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The Opening Ceremony in the Education University of HongKong

Date: 2019-07-25       Visitcount: 62

Teachers and students from College of Education of Zhejiang University arrived at the Education University of Hong Kong on July 21st and moved into dormitories to prepare for the opening ceremony on the second day.

At 10 A.M on July 22nd, the teachers and students of the two schools met in the conference hall. First, Wing S. Wong, the Vice Dean of Faculty of Education and Human Development in EduHK briefly introduced the history and discipline strength of EduHK, focusing on the components and main direction of FEHD.

Through the Professor Wong's deeper introduction, we had a preliminary understanding of the EduHK and the Faculty of Education and Human Development. After that, Miss. Lottie, who is in charge of the project, explained the schedule for the next five days, and put forward some norms and requirements.

We also prepared the introduction about us for the teachers and students of EduHK. First, Wang Feifan, a junior student from College of Education, introduced the beautiful city Hangzhou from the aspects of history, culture, natural scenery, tea specialties, etc.  

Then Shi Xinyue and Wang Lu who major in education introduced the history, campuses, academics, spiritual culture of Zhejiang University and College of Education.  

After the introduction, Allan Walker, the Dean of the Faculty of Education and Human Development in EduHK also showed himself on the scene. He expressed a warm welcome and sincere greeting to the delegation of College of Education of Zhejiang University. After that, representatives of the two schools exchanged gifts and took a photo to mark the occasion.

Later, the students, in charge of receiving, brought a lesson to the delegation, teaching some common Cantonese words, such as ‘hello’ and ‘thank you’. They taught with great care, and the students studied hard but fruitfully. The receptionist also indicated that everyone should look at the notes on the back of their badges and learn how to pronounce their name in Cantonese.  

After a short rest, senior Zio led the delegation to visit the teaching building, dining hall, stadium and other places of the EduHK, and narrated many interesting stories and feelings in the campus, which made the delegation burst into laughter from time to time. As the delegation returned to the conference hall, the opening ceremony of the exchange program came to a close. Although it last not long, the delegation had a general understanding of the EduHK. It can be believed that in the next five days, in the enriched learning and communication schedule, each member will have a harvest and progress.  

Article: DildarWang LuShi XinyueZhao Dandan

Photo: Fei Yifan

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