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Prof. ZHANG Hui Was Elected President of the New IACSS-Board

Date: 2022-09-26       Visitcount: 0

Prof. ZHANG Hui Was Elected President of the New IACSS-Board



On September 10 to 13, the 13th World Congress of Performance Analysis of Sport 2022 & 13th International Symposium on Computer Science in Sport 2022 was jointly held by International Association of Computer Science in Sport (IACSS) and International Society of Performance Analysis of Sports (ISPAS) in Vienna, Austria.ZHANG Hui, professor of Department of Sports Science in College of Education at Zhejiang University, was elected IACSS president of the fourth round in the general election meeting, while WU Yingcai, professor of College of Computer Science and Technology at Zhejiang University was elected to the Board of Directors.



During the conference, PENG Yuxin, Associate Professor of College of Education, was invited to deliver the keynote report “Smart Sensing Technologies in Sports Science”. The international research progress about the techniques in sports information collection was introduced at the beginning. Subsequently, by combining with the current research findings and results of the laboratory team, Dr. PENG analyzed the potential trend in this field, providing a variety of new ideas and means for modern sports information collection and analysis.


Three representatives from College of Education also respectively gave lectures in other sessions, including LIU Wenming, Associate Professor, ZHOU Zheng, post-doctor, and CHU Xiangtong, the doctoral student. They primarily focused on the application of game model, stroke performance analysis and interactive tactical analysis system in tennis, table tennis and badminton.



IACSS has formally been founded during the 4th International Symposium Computer Science in Sport in Barcelona 2003, formerly known as the International Working group Computer Science in Sport (COSISP). The Association has been set up for dissemination of scientific knowledge concerning computer science in sport, establishing a forum for the exchange of academic perspectives, bridging the gap between researchers and practitioners, and representing the latest study.


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