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Offline and Online Social Support and Short-Form Video Addiction Among Chinese Adolescents: The Mediating Role of Emotion Suppression and Relatedness Needs

Date: 2022-03-31       Visitcount: 0

Jiangfeng Yang, Yonghe Ti, Yinghua Ye

Cyberpsychology, Behavior, and Social Networking

2022 Volume25 Issue 5,





Short-form video applications have gained worldwide popularity in recent years. Although short-form video applications encourage communication over the Internet, their popularity encourages adolescents to overindulge in them. This study aimed to explore the effects of offline and online social support (SS) for short-form video addiction (SVA), and the mediating role of emotion regulation and basic psychological needs. A total of 490 junior middle school students from China participated in the study. Structural equation modeling using a bootstrap procedure revealed that (a) offline SS and relatedness needs negatively predicted SVA, (b) pursuit of online SS and emotion suppression positively predicted SVA, (c) emotion suppression and relatedness needs were mediators between offline SS and SVA, and (d) emotion suppression was a mediator between the pursuit of online SS and SVA. These findings provide valuable insight into SVA and will help develop effective strategies for the prevention of SVA.


Keywords: short-form video addiction adolescents social support basic psychological needs emotion regulation

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